Sixth International Conference of Jewish Ministers and members of Parliament: Jerusalem, January 10, 2002 Proposed Resolution Of the Sixth International Conference of Jewish Ministers and members of Parliament

1 - That this conference be transformed into the "International Parliamentary Assembly of Jewish Members and Former members of Parliament and Legislators (IPA).

2 - That an interim Bureau, representative of the Conference, be elected to serve as a steering committee between annual meetings of the IPA, and that two Interim co-Chairs be elected, one from the Knesset and one from a legislature outside Israel.

3 - That a mission statement include the following objectives:

  • To promote democracy, woman and human rights, education for tolerance, and the Rule of law.
  • To combat the scourse of racism, anti-semitism, Xenophobia and the denial of the Holocaust.
  • To promote conflict resolution by peaceful rather than violent means, especially Peace in the Middle-East, including Israel's right to live in security and freedom.
  • To promote legislation in areas such as anti-racism and anti-terrorism.
  • To promote a Middle East Parliamentary Assembly to parallel the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), particularly the three baskets Including human rights. Political rights and economic and cultural rights.

4 - That an information clearing-house be established, including internet forum, to facilitate communication among Parliamentary Assembly members.

5 - That cooperation with Knesset and the Israeli Forum be continued to facilitate and implement the above objectives.

Proposed by: Jerry. S. Grafstein, Senator, Canada
Irwin Cotler, MP, Canada
Andrew M. Fleischman, State Representative, CT, USA
Egon T. Lansky, Senator, Czech Republic
Jack Bloom, MP South Africa
Sheila Finestone, Senator, Canada