Jerusalem ― “As chairperson of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP), I would like to express our great sorrow for the devastating terrorist attacks that took place in Nigeria on the Christmas Day, killing over 40 people and bringing the death toll, after several clashes, to 110 people. READ MORE »
There has been no lack of sensational shows in 2011, from the Arab revolutions to the Japanese tsunami and Bin Laden execution.. however I can say with a good degree of certainty that the most disgusting scenes of this spectacular year is the flood of tears of the mass of mourning men and women who revelled in hysteric scenes before the cameras to show how much they loved Kim Jong-Il and how good he was. READ MORE »
Hitting a crowd of praying innocent people is only the last action of an Islamic campaign to destroy the West READ MORE »
Editorial by Fiamma Nirenstein on 16 December 2011
Who can now claim not to understand, not to know? As its first revolutionary sign, Tunisia has issued a democratic constitution draft envisaging a ban for whoever has contacts and establishes relations with Israel; after their long victorious struggle, the Libyan revolutionaries have announced, as a great result of that bloodshed, that sharia would be coming and polygamy would be reinstated; the reformist Morocco has ben the stage of another Islamist victory; in Yemen, El Qaeda is prowling for power; in Egypt and this is the worst news not only have the Muslim Brothers won with about 47% of the votes, but they are immediately followed, with as much as 20% of the votes, by the Salaphites of the Nour party, always referred to by the West as an irrelevant group of crazy extremists. In this connection, it is certainly not by chance that the moderate, indeed extremely moderate Abu Mazen - the pet of all European governments and of Mrs. Clinton is finalizing an alliance with Hamas. READ MORE »
Egypt already breathes the air of victory of the Muslim Brothers Islamists and of the Al Nour party, even more Islamic. They have obtained at least sixty per cent of the votes, maybe more. And in the second round of voting, their percentage is expected to have a bold increase. All this is very scary: a source of the Supreme Military Council said to the Al Hayat newspaper and for sure without binding it to secrecy that an Islamist landslide victory would make the armys guarantor role difficult and that with more than two thirds of Islamists in Parliament the articles of theConstitution safeguarding the laity of the state would be abolished. READ MORE »
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