Statement by the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians Chairperson Fiamma Nirenstein MP: "ICJP COMMITTED TO CONSTRATING BRUTAL PRACTICE OF FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" READ MORE »
O Dia Internacional em Memoria as Vitimas do Holocausto e comemorado no Brasil desde 2006 e o expresidente Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva o fez pauta de sua agenda. READ MORE »
Bashar Al Assad has been acting as a matador for more than ten months now: while the bull of revolution charges horns down against him, with thousands of moves he manages to avert the impeding and expected disaster of his bloody regime. In order to survive, he has been using the arm of savagery in killing more than five thousand of his nationals. READ MORE »
2011: Not an ordinary year on 12 January 2012
2011 wasn't an ordinary year. It was the year of the Arab revolutions, indeed of one of the several historical Arab revolutions: this one has long been celebrated before we understood its nature of a volcano spewing lava ready to burn everything in its wake, including the Arab world itself. READ MORE »
Set up after the attacks against the Twin Towers, it's the most criticized and hated facility in the world. But it prevented attacks and saved many lives. READ MORE »
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