The cautious language of an extremist thought
13 February 2012

Shalom, February 2012

All the regimes rising from the ashes of the Arab Spring are desperately looking for help from the European Union. Italy is playing a generous role, as Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, the Minister of Foreign Affairs recently demonstrated, in his recent trips. The same holds true for Prime Minister Mario Monti, who visited Libya. We have repeatedly explained to our readers that the current regimes are mainly Islamist, in spite of us having called them the "Arab Spring."

We have been deeply impressed with the strength and the courage of the Arab people who stood up and gave their lives to oust their tyrannical rulers who tormented them for years.

Never the less, real democracy has little to do with the elections. The situation in Libya is still very turbulent and tainted by Al Qaeda. Tunisia is a bit more promising even though the fundamentalist forces are gaining ground in that country. Syria has been shaken by an earthquake and Assad’s hideous power is besieged by groups where the Muslim Brotherhood is extremely strong. Yemen is in a dire straits. Egypt is in serious trouble because the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis – even more extreme than the Brotherhood - together garnered two thirds of the seats in Parliament, thus accounting together for 74% of the vote.

So, what is happening today in the West is an intense debate on the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, after pan-Arabism - the long-standing ideological cement of a very assertive world - this organization, like the pan-Arab nationalist leaders who preceded them - are vehemently opposed to the West and Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood, the new cohesive force in the Arab world, is fiercely anti-Western, just like the pan-Arabist predecessors.

After the economic failures and the harassment of the previous regimes, they are proclaiming their motto, the same since 1928, when Hassan al-Banna founded the organization “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Many fat was have confirmed that their approach hasn't changed over the years. For example, during the Iraq war, Yussef al-Qaradawi announced that it was amoral obligation for Muslims to kidnap and kill American citizens in Iraq.

Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, support the same goals asal-Qaradawi and had long ago made that clear in its constitution. On every possible occasion Hamas rejected the right of Israel to exist. It repeatedly threatened Israel with death and destruction. It demands that the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel be trashed.

But now we seethe European Union in particular, but also many American experts and officials, seem to have chosen to look the other way,proclaiming that the Muslim Brothers are moderate and can be tamed and appeased, unlike the new extremists - i.e. the Salafis. This becomes the excuse these leaders use in order to continuing providing aid to Egypt.

This is a dangerous way of thinking. Certainly the Muslim Brotherhood is now using more restrained language. Its leaders have learned to say whatever they believe Westerners and others want to hear. Their organization is present in 70countries where they often use different names so as to confuse us.

As far as we know, and even though they say that the global caliphate objective is not for today and that there is nothing to be concerned, the Muslim Brothers have had in their ranks high profile terrorists like Bin Laden (this is the root organization, Al Qaeda is a by-product, a common franchisee) Ayman al-Zawahiri, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Anwar al-Awlaki, Sheikh Yassin. Today, their official preacher is Yussuf al-Qaradawi. He's the one who forced the head of the bloggers out of Tahrir square, to avoid any misunderstanding and who filled it with the Brothers on the first possible Friday. And this was before the Islamic triumph with the Egyptian flag as its banner. Their anti-Western antagonism can be postponed, shaped, re-phrased … But beyond the change in rhetoric, there is no change in substance.

The Muslim Brotherhood knows how to survive. Its leaders understand that they can no longer limit themselves to traditional charitable initiatives or to secretly supplying terrorist groups like Hamas with weapons. They have must produce results for the Egyptian people who have put their faith in the Brotherhood and expect them to make sure the population is fed and stabilize that country.

Therefore, the Muslim Brothers need our help, as they did when they had to live with and come to terms with Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak. These leaders repeatedly tried to crush the Brotherhood, appease it, or partner with it. Simultaneously, they fought and killed the Brotherhood's most prominent leaders. Egypt's rulers never managed to eliminate the Brotherhood. Paradoxically, their cruelty vis-à-vis their people brought to the fore those who had tried to organize charitable groups, schools, hospitals, those who 've always been close to the population.

But the Brotherhood's true aim was not charity; that was all propaganda. Their work was designed to create a large rank and file who repaid them, by allowing them to come to power.

Irrespective of the Muslim Brothers’ attitude towards us, their ultimate goal is to establish a global caliphate by any means, including violence as needed.

There is only one way to prevent them from succeeding - resolute determination to prevent them from doing so. That does not mean that we should stop helping the needy and hungry people of the Middle East.

But we must sure that our aid is contingent on these new Middle Eastern leaders not trampling on women’s rights, who, according to the Brotherhood, must be subordinated to men.

We must not placate these new leaders. We must ensure that they do not violate human rights, as well as civil, sexual, or religious rights. (Christians, for example, must not be killed because of the sample fact that they are Christian).Moreover, we must not let them incite hatred towards Israel, nor should we let them terminate the Israel-Egyptian Peace Treaty.

Europe must make aid conditional to the Egyptians and others abiding bythese policies. As an Arab friend recently said, you Europeans all too often make deals with the tyrants that oppress us. We ensure that this does not happen again