New Libya - Old Libya
2 March 2012

Il Giornale, February 15 2012

"Fruits of the Arab Spring; buds of hope. As we know, Kaddafi's Libya had been expelled from the UN Human Rights Council. This is a logical consequence of the Colonel's behavior. But in November, after the Libyan revolution, the UN reinstated Libya to the Council.

That was a mistake. Ibrahim Dabbashi, the Deputy UN Envoy had just publicly rejoiced saying that "the New Libya deserves to return to the human Rights Council to contribute with other members to the promotion of human rights." But on his first appearance, the Libyan delegate protested against a planning meeting on discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation, stating that homosexuals "affect religion and threaten the continuation of the human race."

Other Council members responded to this with blank stares, half-coughs, but none dared speak out against the new democratic leadership of that country.

Second spring bud: Essam El Erian,an Egyptian top Muslim Brotherhood official, told the newspaper al-Hayat that U.S. aid - $ 1.3 billion in military aid and $350 million in civilian aid last year - is guaranteed by the Camp David peace agreement with Israel. Therefore, he continued,should the Americans ever decide to reduce this funding, this would call into question Egypt's Peace Treaty with Israel. This blackmail - pure and simple.

The first "sexual racism"? For heaven's sake! It's the spring, stupid.