Assad protects the World Human Rights with UNESCO help
9 March 2012

Il Giornale, March 9 2012

Humanitarian aid to the injured rebels? Perhaps the need for armed intervention to stop the huge massacre by Bashar Assad? For heaven's sake. If you will question the UNESCO, the refined UN institution for education, culture and science you will get a magnified picture of international institutions impotence. Assad cannot be touched even with a flower.

Yesterday on the agenda, the resolution on Syria, despite the American and British efforts, has kept Syria in the Committee for Human Rights: so among one murder and another, including children, Assad will help the world to protect the weak and the discriminated people. In November, the UNESCO nominated Syria in the committee, and UN Watch had launched a campaign to overthrow this foolish choice. But until yesterday it had failed to get an argument. Yesterday it succeeded with the American and British help, but it was noticed that the request to oust the regime from the human rights group had been completely quashed by the resolution; there was just a mild condemnation.

Here again is a further sign of the rot that exist in an organization that has never condemned the crossing out of the Christian culture in Armenia by Turkey and Azerbaijan, that has co-opted unilaterally Palestine, that held a conference on Jerusalem inviting all the Arab countries and excluding Israel, that refused to mention the Holocaust for the fiftieth anniversary of the UN, that declared of Islamic heritage Rachel's tomb and the patriarchs tomb in HebronÂ… it's called prejudice, hatred, political hack that now covers up a dictator, whom the whole world, excluding Iran, do no tknow what to do with. It's called UNESCO, protector of the world culture.